Monday, April 9, 2012

Never Give Up

Last week was a crappy week for fitness.  Everyone in my challenge group struggled.  Whether it was with working out or eating right, something was in the air.  I gained 2 pounds.  However, the group did lose a total of 5 pounds so it was a successful week.

2 months ago, I would have been beating myself up over this weight gain and probably gotten depressed about it but I have learned that the point in that...well, there is no point.  It just depresses me and I don't like to be depressed.  I gained 2 pounds, so what.  I've lost 25 since September.  That's what I look at.  My success,  not my downfall.  I just don't quit.

That's  the key, never give up.  If you want to achieve any dream then, NEVER GIVE UP.  It doesn't matter what that dream is, whether it's losing weight, getting a promotion, or whatever, if you're going to achieve it, then you must keep going.  It's hard work but a little hard work never killed anyone. 

We all fall but we need to pick ourselves up and keep going.  Don't let the fall discourage you from obtaining your goals, you cannot fail unless you make the choice to fail.  So unless you are puking or dying, then JUST KEEP GOING!!!!!

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