Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1.  The power of hardship or stress.
2.  A state of surviving; remaining alive.
3.  A state of quality of lasting duration; lastingness; continuance.
4.  The act of bearing of suffering; a continuing under pain or distress without resistance, or without being overcome; sufferance; patience.

This is how endurance is defined by Webster's.  A wonderful definition but there is so much more. Most people think of endurance as being associated with physical activity; running a race, manual labor, etc., but I think endurance is a lifestyle.  When I think about endurance, I think of two people in particular.  My son Nathanael and my good friend Adam.

Nathanael's Story
My son was born with spina bifida and is wheelchair bound.  He will never walk.  His spina bifida prevents him from being able to do many things.  He will never play football or run a marathon.  He has had 10 surgeries in his 14 years of life to help correct certain things.  For Nathanael, something as simple as using the bathroom can be an obstacle for him.  His life has been hard but his endurance has been great.

Nathanael never complains about his condition and he doesn't let it get in his way.  He tries to be as independent as possible.  He does need help with a lot of things but will always try to do it himself first.  

Last year he had 3 surgeries on his back and was laid up for months.  His mobility was extremely limited.  He didn't like it but he rarely complained.  He just accepted his condition and made the best of it.  Nathanael is an inspiration and his endurance is long lasting.

Adam's Story
Seven years ago, my good friend was in a near fatal car accident.  He crushed part of his spine and neck and was in the hospital for about 6 months.  Adam is now a paraplegic with the ability to only move his arms and head.  Definition number 2 of endurance is:  a state of surviving; remaining alive.  This definitely fits Adam.  He fought death and kicked death's ass.

It was a hard road for Adam but he has come so far.  I can't imagine what it's like for him but I know that he's as tough as nails and he is still the same Adam he was before his accident,  He still has his rough days but he gets through them.  Adam has the help of his wonderful sister, my bestest friend in the whole world, and together they take on each new day with a survivalist attitude.

So whether you are running a race, working in the factory, or simply just surviving, endurance is a lifestyle.  Endurance gets us through life and if Nathanael and Adam can endure everything they've been through then I can endure my life.  I am blessed beyond which I deserve and I'm so grateful to have these two guys in my life as an example.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Very uplifting. I needed this :)