Saturday, March 24, 2012


I come from a very big family.  I have 5 siblings and more nephews and nieces than I can keep up with.  I love them all but there are some that I will always be closer to than others.  But I'll never be as close to any of them as I am my 3 sisters.  My sisters, Janette, Shirley, and Luevada, are my best friends and I couldn't have better ones if I picked them myself. 

My sisters and I are so very different.  We have different belief systems, tastes in music, TV, movies, and so many other things.  We are also very much the same in that we have each others backs no matter what.  We may argue and just plain piss each other off but in the end we are there for each other.  No one can screw with my sisters and me because we are a mighty force together and individually.  People say there is strength in numbers and my sisters give me strength.

We don't agree on everything all the time (very rarely in fact).  Some of us agree more than others and we are okay with that.  We are sisters and we stand together.  If one of us falls, the other 3 will pick her up because that's what we do.

I am blessed to have such wonderful sisters whom I can call my best friends.  Thanks ladies.  I love you more than words can say.

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  1. You are blessed to have those three wonderful ladies as sisters and I love how you all are so close. You all may be different but you all agree on the important things like love and family.